Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Happy 30th Birthday Aimee!

Happy 30th Birthday Aimee!

Journal entry by Bill - June 24th, 1980
"We have a new little daughter! Welcome to our humble family little one. It's late and I should go to bed, I won't write any more details. Your mother did very well for her first time though and I love her very much and I love you too. Let's get a good nights rest now.
Love Dad"

Journal entry by Sherry - June 27th, 1980
"To my brand new little daughter, Aimee Lynn, well you're early - 6 weeks - and you've given us a little bit of trouble the past 3 days. This afternoon you're doing a little bit better. Soon you'll be home with Daddy and me. We sure are anxious to hold you.
Love you, Mommy"

Journal entry by Sherry - September 29th, 1980
"Well, a lot has happened since the birth of our little Aimee. The evening of June 27th, 3 days after Aimee was born, she started getting worse. Aimee was born with "hyaline membrane disease (infant respiratory distress syndrome). The doctors came in and informed us that they could no longer help her. A transport team from Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane Washington came for her. As they were preparing to send Aimee, Dr. Feist came in and told Dad and I that she had very little chance of surviving the plane ride to Spokane and then the helicopter to the hospital. We were so upset we could not speak. When we finally realized what had been said, Daddy went in and gave Aimee her name and blessing. We began to make the arrangements to drive to Spokane to be with our new little daughter. We stopped in Missoula to get a little sleep before going onto Spokane. We called the hospital and she had survived the trip and was now in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the hospital..."

Aimee was in the hospital in Spokane for exactly the amount of time she was premature - 6 weeks. She had many ups and downs. You survived Aimee! I know that there are miracles, for we witnessed one the summer of 1980!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I "Tri"ed and I did it!

I did it! I was the bike leg of team "Lost in Transition". The bike leg was 6-1/2 miles with 3 steep hills mixed in. The best part of the whole thing was about a half a mile into the race I zoomed past the Stake Center in 1st place...around the corner onto 114th. Our swimmer is one of the fastest in the valley. They enter the swim according to their ranking and she was 2nd behind her husband. Anyway, she came out and tagged me and I started, passed the 1st girl and on I went for about that half mile in 1st. I can't lie, it felt pretty good. This Stake sponsored Triathlon included some first timers, some that had done some racing and then some real athletes; about 170 people in all. So just to be in 1st for that small amount of time was really fun! It was great and I LOVE MY NEW "FELT" - Thanks honey for believing I could do this and allowing me to have a better chance at accomplishing my goal. Next year - the entire race! (Can anyone teach me how to swim?)