Monday, January 18, 2010

BASH 2010

Battle at Soldier Hollow:

The fog had just lifted as the race began, it was a beautiful but cold day. It was a fun race to watch as we all stood there dressed in snow bibs and boots, hoods up and cameras ready. Stomping feet, waiting for a glimpse of our crazy friends and loved ones to zoom past. Bikes with big knobby tires trying with all their might to hold the snow as they raced around a convoluted course. The ski course was amazing, winding around the side of a steep mountain. It got the best of some who ended up on hands and knees trying to make it up one long steep hill. Icicles hung long off his beard as he crossed the finish line to come in 4th - 1 place short of being invited to the World Championship in Norway.
5 K Run 10 K Bike
8 K Ski